Sugar Hollow Retreat is designed to extend excellence in hospitality to both its guests and visitors. The original vision of Sugar Hollow was to forge youth leadership development through conservation and environmental protection following the principles of the Student Conservation Association of Charlestown, New Hampshire. Through outdoor activities, the objective was to impart an appreciation of nature while affording the opportunity for leadership development. As time passed, it became obvious that a stream of income would be needed to reach this ideal. Sugar Hollow Retreat opened in August of 2003.


Besides the desire to provide excellence in hospitality, the vision for the future is to expand the scope of outdoor activities for all who come to Sugar Hollow. On site activities in the future will include environmental and experiential education, wood working, organic gardening, weaving, photography, bird watching, hiking, indian lore, survival skills, rock climbing, caving, and a wide assortment of other initiatives. Sugar Hollow Retreat also wishes to stimulate the local economy through support of local endeavors such as handicrafts, mountain music, and Watauga Lake community events. To this end, separate websites will be produced for each of these three subjects to garner interest and inform the public.

In upcoming years the 300 acres of Sugar Hollow Retreat will be steadily improved to not only highlight the environment and showcase handicrafts, but promote educational activities and events. Some improvements currently on the table are replicas of a Cherokee home site in the 1760's, and a pioneer cabin from the 1840's, a low ropes course, and a "green" bunkhouse. As Winston Churchill said in 1942:

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Sugar Hollow Retreat is looking forward to the future with enthusiasm.