Three fun retreat activities to use at your next retreat

Retreats are a great opportunity for multiple types of groups and myriads of reasons. Church groups, companies, and other types of groups use retreats as great ways to boost morale, increase team chemistry, and to teach certain important aspects that can improve each individual in a certain way. Whether it be an attempt to teach team building, or simply a retreat to improve a certain aspect of work, retreats that are boring are just that: boring. Boring retreats are unproductive and uninteresting. By adding in some fun retreat activities to your retreat at Sugar Hollow you can ensure a productive retreat while adding fun for an interesting time for all.

 Play Detective When you are having your retreat at Sugar Hollow, you can play a crime-solving game that will get all individuals involved. The details of the game are up to you; do you want to make someone in the room a murder suspect? Do you want to have people come in to act like a police squad? You can take this as far (or as short) as you would like. By playing a clue-like game at your retreat, you can remove the business aspect and incorporate fun to bring the group together with a few laughs and some team building exercises. If you would like to go deep into the game, be sure to incorporate certain aspects of the game during a group mealtime.

Make Something! While this activity depends on the type of retreat that you are holding, it can easily be molded into something for each individual group. Bring a large amount of craft materials; think cardboard tubes, felt, pipe cleaners, makers, and more. Ask each individual to make something. You can set down rules or ideas to make it more fun and interesting; ask each person to create something that could describe them as a person. Ask them to build something that represents the organization that they are there with. None of the crafts will look like a masterpiece; group members will have fun joking around and laughing with each other. This activity can also increase creativity, which may be helpful later in the retreat itself.  

Get Outdoors .  

At Sugar Hollow, there are a lot of different opportunities to get moving and get going. Hiking can be enjoyable and an activity, such as geochacing while hiking on our trails can build camaraderie and morale without throwing in business. Not all of the retreat activities need to be at the retreat site itself. Be sure to check out some of the other activities like canoeing, kayaking, and exploring the different waterfalls surrounding Sugar Hollow.

By adding in fun activities for your group, you can be sure that they will enjoy their stay and will be more productive over the course of the retreat itself. Remember; all work and no play is never a good thing. That saying easily carries over to retreats. they will have a fun time