Rates & Availability

Prices on individual units range from $275 to $1100 for a one night stay. The charge for additional nights and multiple units is discounted from 20-42%. Unlike most lodging establishments that only offer seasonal discounts, we offer this additional night and unit discount year round. Please call 1 800 957 1776 to discuss  availability and pricing. 




Hold your next off-site planning assembly at Sugar Hollow Retreat.

• We can accommodate up to 60 people in our lodge and 4 guesthouses. Our conference center can seat up to 100 people.

• The special offer includes a 2 day use of one or any combination of rental units.

• You may arrive a 9 am, stay overnight, and use the facility the next day until 5pm.

• Prepare your own meals, request one of our caterers, or bring one of your own choosing.

• The price of a one night stay is based on how many rental units are required to accommodate your group with prices ranging from $225 to $950 per visit.

• Pictures and a description of our facility can be found at www.sugarhollowretreat.com

• Please call 1 800 957 1776 to discuss pricing and availability.