Pastors' Retreats in the Northeastern Tennessee Mountains!

Hold Your Next Pastors Retreat at Sugar Hollow

A church’s pastor lives at the center of a vibrant, busy community. The challenges of educating, guiding, consoling, and enlightening are no doubt rewarding, but can be draining as well. Sugar Hollow Retreat has just the type of serenity with which many congregations seek to reward their pastors.

A weekend getaway at Sugar Hollow for a pastor and his family provides a welcome break in a striking, natural environment. Solitude and peace, allowing for prayer for guidance, reflection on the future of the church, or just simple relaxation, will leave any church’s pastor recharged and at his best.

Accommodations for Pastors Retreats

Sugar Hollow offers an upscale Lodge and 4 guest houses, conference building and several scenic outdoor meeting locations.

Need Help Planning Your Pastors Retreat?

Please call us at 1-800-957-1776 and we can help you plan a fun and rewarding pastors' retreat in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Northeastern Tennessee!


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