Couples Retreats in the Tennessee Mountains

Couples Retreats

One of the key ingredients in couples counseling is a break from the everyday stresses and worries which may make communication difficult. The tranquility of Sugar Hollow allows couples the space they need, over a day, a weekend, a week, to gain the tools they need to keep their relationships strong.

Those attending couples retreats at Sugar Hollow can expect to find romantic lodging and rustic, yet modern meeting facilities. The Tennessee mountain country shelters couples retreats at Sugar Hollow in serenity.

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A Program for Couples

Whether you are engaged, newly weds, or celebrating 50+ years as husband and wife, becoming a well anointed couple is one of the best endeavors you may ever take part in.  Most marriages today, happy or on the rocks, are desperate for something new and exciting to enhance their relationship.  This program can definitely help!  Next scheduled retreat:  September 4 - 6, 2009. Go to

Let the Harper's take care of your planning for your next retreat.  They will work with your group regardless of age or marital status.

Couple Retreat Planning