Christmastime is Here!

 Have you ever just stopped and thought, “I need a vacation?”  I know as the holidays roll around, I am ready to spend time with my family and loved ones, and I am ready to leave the working world behind.  I am ready to gather up the kids and pack enough baking supplies to feed a small army for a year.  I am ready to relax in the morning while I drink my coffee and watch the birds at the feeder.  I am ready to make memories of Christmas cookie baking, and snowshoeing, tree decorating and carol singing.  The only question is  are you ready?

The drive up the mountain on the way to Sugar Hollow is best experienced with tall tales and hardy laughter.  My first experience was with my fiancé and Sugar Hollow’s owner, Surry Roberts.  The two men joked and laughed and swapped stories about everything, and I sat and listened with joy.  When we started our ascent, the mood in the truck shifted from lighthearted to excited!  The stories grew taller and with all the excitement, we missed the first entrance.  Yep.  That crazy car that has their turn signal on and never turns; that was us.  We ended up at the Elk River Gas Station which was just as well, because we got our first chance to experience what Surry described as “the best soft drink in the world.”  Dr. Enuff!  When we finally made it back to the entrance of Sugar Hollow, the three of us were practically giddy with excitement.  As we rolled over the top of the hill, the view of the Lodge lit up was astounding.  I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. 

We had an amazing weekend, filled with excitement and adventures.  As the Christmas rolls around again, I feel myself ready to escape the bustling city life, and retreat into the Hollow.  I am ready to lose my breath as we roll over the hilltop, and I am ready to celebrate this most blessed season with loved ones in a sanctuary.  If you are ready to get back to the basics of tall tales, Christmas cookies, and holiday joy, then we welcome you and your family to Sugar Hollow Retreat.  The staff at Sugar Hollow is friendly and willing to help, so don't hesitate to call at 1-800-957-1776, or visit us at