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Watauga Lake

 Covering 10 square miles of Tennessee’s high country, Watauga Lake sits as the highest-elevation reservoir in the state.  A hidden treasure only accessible via winding mountain roads and trails, the lake is surrounded by mountain forests and scenic mountain views.  The lake is private and breathtaking, and stands as a stunning landmark that offers tourist a chance to see the country as it was before settlers claimed it.  To find out more information about visiting Watauga Lake, please check out the website at http://www.wa

Sycamore Shoals State Park

 A rocky stretch of roaring rapids along the Watauga River, known to the locals as Sycamore Shoals, has been a significant historic landmark for more than four hundred years.  The National Historic Landmark is home of numerous critical events forming the American frontier.  The beautiful park was once home to Native Americans and today features historic milestones such as Fort Watauga.  For more information about visiting Sycamore Shoals State Park, please call 423-543-5808 or visit the website at

Bristol Motor Speedway - The Motor Speedway of the South

 Constructed in Bristol, Tennessee in 1960, Bristol Motor Speedway held its first NASCAR race on July 30, 1961, and it has been a rip-roaring adventure since then!  The 0.533 mile long, concrete track has become one of the most popular tracks in the NASCAR lineup and with its stadium seating a two pit roads, this loud exciting track attracts guests from all over the United States.  For more information about visiting the races at Bristol Motor Speedway, please call 1-866-415-4158 or visit <

Bristol Caverns: Historic Tranquility

Buried far below the earth’s surface the ageless beauty of Bristol Caverns stuns and amazes guest of all ages.  Strange and exotic forms of solid rock created from slowly dripping water stand strong over a dominion of secluded peacefulness.  For more information on visiting Bristol Caverns you can call 1-423-878-2011 or check out the website at
Cold, damp air drapes around guests as they witness 400 million years of history and beauty.  Once used as secret