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Join Us for the Storyteller's Festival

Dear Lovers of Tall Tales and Adventure,

One of the most entertaining and truly remarkable events occurs over the first weekend of October each year in Jonesborough, Tenn. – the National Storyteller’s Festival!  Inspired by an international renaissance of storytelling, people around the globe are turning to this ancient tradition to produce positive change in our world.

FestivalBro09The festival, now in its 37th year is acclaimed as one of the Top 100 Events for groups in North America.  This is an invitation for you to attend this gala along with a host of interested folks inclined toward the extremes of fanciful imagination and colorful humor.  The Storytellers come from all over the world to display their talents in tiny Jonesborough (population 3,000), the oldest town in historic northeastern Tennessee.

Premiere attractions in 2009 will include Donald Davis, Shelia Kay Adams, Kathryn Windham, Bill Harley, Bill Lepp, Carmen Deedy and a host of others.  We must admit that we find the local Appalachian tall tales from the backwoods the most interesting of all.

A day-pass walking tour of this small historic town permits entrance into multiple very large tents each seating about 1,000 people where the storytellers perform.  The acoustics are very good and speakers from all over the world are filled with talent and good humor.  There is even a children’s tent where the performances are uninhibited and filled with insight and fun.  The whole event is very well organized and you will surely enjoy meeting everyone in attendance.

10 Green Fall Travel Tips

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The Right Room

BUTLER, Tenn. – Jim Gresch will tell it to you straight.

The Sugar Hollow innkeeper loves the 300-acre retreat, but if you’ve got a group of eight adults, you probably don’t want to stay in the Hemlock House – unless two adults want to sleep in bunk beds.

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